CFO & a Board member at Una Mesa Association

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CFO & a Board member at Una Mesa Association

CFO & a Board member at Una Mesa Association



Company Name: Una Mesa Association

Company Address: Palo Alto, CA (remote)

Company Overview: The UnaMesa Association, a 501.c(3) non-profit, strengthens communities by increasing the number and depth of meaningful connections. Located in Palo Alto, CA, we incubate projects such as the Magical Bridge Foundation and InPlay that create and promote new ways of connecting within and across communities. Our overarching goal is to work with networks of social enterprises to develop shared technologies and frameworks for valuing interactions and relationships. In our view, the purpose of "impact accounting" is to drive innovations in health, education, social services by making visible which opportunities and experiences are most meaningful in the lives of individuals and families.

Company Website:

Job Title: CFO & a Board member

Remote work available?: Yes

Reports To: the Board of Directors

Job Overview: The board of directors of Una Mesa association is seeking a CFO and a new fellow Board member. This is a remote-work volunteer position for a nonprofit board.

Responsibilities :

As a CFO - Una Mesa association already has a long-term relationship with an accounting service, and the CFO role does not require hands-on accounting. CFO will oversee the accounting vendor work and advise the board on a broader strategic financial matters.

As a Board member for a nonprofit organization - There is a minimal time commitment to attend the Board meetings. The annual meeting is usually in the Q4, and there may be ad-hoc meetings called as needed. In last 12 month period, the time commitment was 1~2 hours per quarter or less.

Qualifications : 

Please take a moment to check out our website - mission, projects, and your fellow board members-to-be. Does it speak to you? Are you passionate about Una Mesa's mission? Think what our community produced over the years are valuable? Does it look like a team you want to work with? If yes, please contact me! Have questions? Contact me!

Having said that, the following 4C's for a successful nonprofit CFO from Bridgespan may be helpful.

Competent – Solid accounting skills and background, nuts and bolts experience in the operations of a business and/or nonprofit, a strategic thinker with a big-picture mentality.

Committed – Passionate about the mission of the organization and understands the realities of the nonprofit sector.

Communicative – Able to speak in non-financial language, can translate and teach financial literacy, relates well to the board of directors and multiple stakeholders, and is a strong writer and communicator.

Creative – Flexible, thinks outside the box, figures out how to say “yes” and make things possible!

Job Type: Contract

Salary Range: not applicable (a volunteer position for a nonprofit)

Desired Start Date: October 2020

Application Due Date: 10/5/2020



|2020-10-08 00:00:00|2020-10-18 00:00:00
마감일 :
회사명 : Una Mesa Association
지역/위치 : Palo Alto
포지션 : CFO & a Board member
전화번호 :
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